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The word that sums up my life is probably variety. Lived in Singapore, Cyprus and eight different U.K. counties. Numerous employments ranging from cinema usherette, sales person, to physical training instructor in the WRAF. Co-founder of the charity Association of Independent Disabled Self Sufficiency, editor and publisher of the charities' journal Phoenix. I have the honour to be a Trustee of the International Society of Philosophical Enquiry where I hold the rank of Philosopher. The most significant part of my life being my family. Married to Derek in 1956 we have three children and five grand children.

I have always been a writer. My first public work being a one act play, in which of course I had the best part, well I was only seven years old. Performed in the air raid shelter to raise money for the Red Cross, staring myself and the neighbourhood children still in London. My work ranges from The ABC of Home Hints a book of aids and equipment for disabled people to a production of Aesop's fables in poetry for children to perform. Short stories for children and adults. Two collections of my poetry. Some of my work has been published under my old pen name of Steve Joyce. My favourite form of expression has always been poetry. Most of my work will eventually be posted on this web site for your enjoyment.


For several years I have enjoyed meeting with fellow poets and poetry lovers every other Monday at the Bear in Wantage. There we discuss both our own work and that of other poets both well known and obscure. Many of the poems in the category Wantage Poetry Club were first presented at the Club. That category dedicated to friends in the Club contains the poems which I have not as yet published in a collection.


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