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A realy daft rhyme

The knees looked down asked, “What’s afoot?”
Big toe replied, “Just them and me.”
The elbows spoke, “We’ll lend a hand.
It is so grand when we agree.”
The torso said and too the head,
“Let’s all go swimming in the sea!”

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Odd Creatures I Have Seen

I have seen an Ellyhorse,
Flowing mane and trunk of course.
You have seen this creature too?
Catch it quick for London Zoo
March hare, march hare,
Little creature unaware,
You can jump beyond compare.
Little creature doesn’t care.
I have seen a Pandacow,
Fur black and white, horn on brow.
You have seen this creature too?
Catch it quick for Bristol Zoo.
Tom cat, tom cat,
Always rhymed upon a mat.
Eating cream and getting fat,
I would rather fancy that.
I have seen a Tigergoat,
With pointy hooves, stripy coat.
You have seen this creature too?
Catch it quick for Cleethorps Zoo.
Bull frog, bull frog,
Croaking on a little log,
Jumping in to slim bog.
I would rather have a dog.
I have seen an Allipig,
Curly tail and teeth so big.
You have seen this creature too?
Catch it quick for Whipsnade Zoo.
Black bear, black bear,
Sleeping in his mountain lair,
Thinks a man is dainty fare.
I would keep away from there.

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Child In Quarantine

Six little bodies draped in a row,
On the fence that keeps one from their side,
Trying to touch with hand or with toe,
She who told her infection with pride.
Symptoms admired, it’s back to their play.
Little mind tries attention to hold,
Little heart seeks with growing dismay,
Things to be shown, fresh things to be told.
“Loads of flowers are my very own,
Planted and watered all by myself.
I’ll pick some for you when they’re full grown
They will make lovely clothes for an elf.
Fairies live with my rabbit you know,
And my guinea pigs hide one or two,
They all disappear when the winds blow,
If you like I will show them to you.”
Nice try little lass, though it’s in vain,
Left there forlorn with company flown,
A lesson of life has been your gain,
Joy’s are shared, sorrows left well alone.

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Family Outing

Said Uncle Fred and Aunty May,
“We’re going on a trip today,
A big surprise so do not ask,
Just pack a sandwich and a flask.”
We piled in to their people car
Soon Uncle said, “Now here we are.”
An old steam engine waiting there
Much noise and bustle every where.
Ancient carriage hard wooden seat
Which Sally thought was rather neat.
With huff and puff, chatter and sway,
Wave of the flag we’re on our way.
Backs of houses would soon yield
To shady wood and tranquil field.
Into a tunnel scary dark,
Which Peter said was quite a lark.
Close the window but it’s too late,
A sooty smudge on Uncle’s pate.
A hoot to tell us here’s your stop
Time to visit the Station Shop
Then have our picnic, “Eat up now,
No, little Jim don’t chase the cow.”
Then all too soon it’s home again
Oh how we loved that old steam train!

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Not Me Mummy

Do you know the Notmemum?
It lives in children’s land.
Grown ups can not see it.
Though its manner is most grand,
Most grand,
Its manner is most grand.
Did you hear the Notmemum?
It told that little lie.
Said, “Not me that spilt the paint”.
The children can’t think why,
Think why,
Children can’t think why.
Have you seen the Notmemum?
There’s cabbage on its plate.
The bell for school has twice rung
It said, “I will be late,
Be late”.
Said, “I will be late”.
Can you find the Notmemum?
It’s hid behind a rock.
Spoilt all Mummy’s lipstick,
And tore her nice new frock,
New frock.
Tore her nice new frock.
Do you know the Notmemum?
Sometimes it’s very good.
Brought a little posy,
And helped all that it could,
It could.
Helped all that it could.

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A Cautionary Tale For Modern Children

You have heard of the boy that cried wolf,
And Matilda that shouted out fire,
I’m now going to tell you the tale,
Of the child who’s a terrible liar.
This boy had so often invented,
Untrue stories of most awful things,
When at last he received as boys must,
The reward that untruthfulness brings.
He was playing alone in the hills,
When a space ship just happened to land.
The Spaceman looked really familiar
With of course a ray gun in each hand.
“I want people to know that I’m here,
Quickly tell all your leaders and such”.
But all knowing the boy as they did
Said sternly, “This tale is too much”.
The Spaceman was really quite angry.
Said, “You’ve wasted the time of my stay.
Now your tongue will for ever be tied,
Till I find when I come back this way,
That the child who carries my tale,
Is honest and will be believed”.
So children in case he meets you,
Make sure that you’ve never deceived.

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The Mouse

A mouse, a mouse, I do declare,
Has nibbled all my veggie there.
Young Thomas go and fetch a trap,
The biggest one with strongest snap.
Young Thomas sought his aunt to tease,
He sprung the trap but left the cheese.
Young Thomas saw with great surprise,
With glossy coat and sparkling eyes,
A mouse that tipped our Tom a wink,
And took the cheese beneath the sink.

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Animal Crackers In my Alphabet Soup

Alligator, Bear and Cat.
Donkey in an old straw hat.
Elephant with trunk held high.
Fox, Giraffe, head in the sky.
Horse, Ibex and Jackal too,
From down under, Kangaroo.
Llama, Monkey and Numbat.
Ocelot and wild Polecat.
Quokka, there’s a funny name.
Rabbit, mine is very tame.
Sloth and Tiger in a tree.
Urchin in my soupy sea.
Vole and Weasel, next aligned
Xen-o-pus a toad we find.
Yak and Zebra form the tail
Of my alphabetic trail.

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My Chubby Little Bower Bird

Your chosen ground was patted flat,
With puckered lips and thoughtful frown,
You toured the garden, up and down.
Selecting this, discarding that.
Shiny stone and bright red flower,
The yellow wheel from old toy truck,
The shells of snails and plastic duck,
Placed within a twiggy tower.
With dog eared picture in your hand,
To guide your placement of each piece,
Then add that tiny bit of fleece
That made your structure extra grand.
My best loved broach I then observed,
All grimy jewels and dirt smeared gold,
And yet I simply could not scold,
My chubby little Bower Bird.

Pamela Boal Sept 2010.

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For several years I have enjoyed meeting with fellow poets and poetry lovers every other Monday at the Bear in Wantage. There we discuss both our own work and that of other poets both well known and obscure. Many of the poems in the category Wantage Poetry Club were first presented at the Club. That category dedicated to friends in the Club contains the poems which I have not as yet published in a collection.


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